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BNET Book Brief: Small Giants
Small Giants challenges the idea that successful businesses have to get as big as possible as fast as possible. Author Bo Burlingham takes us on a tour of Anchor Brewing and shows us how one entrepreneur is making his company great by keeping it small.

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Redmond Channel Partner Online: They Might Not Be Giants
May 01, 2006 by Anne Stuart
Grow or die. That motto may not be carved into your company's cornerstone or embossed on your business cards, but if you're like most organizations, it's your real mission statement.

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KBTV Idaho: Boise company recognized for its employees
April 21, 2006
It's not Micron or Albertsons or Simplot, in fact, you may never have heard of a local company called ECCO, but a national business writer sure has. ECCO is one of a few, select U.S. companies featured in a new book, not because of its products, but because of its people. Alyson Oüten reports.

Watch the report Interview with Bo Burlingham
Entrepreneur Magazine Law & Money Show, April 11, 2006

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Winning Workplaces: Features - Small But Great
Mary Corbitt Clark, Executive Director
The 14 companies Bo Burlingham profiles work hard to define their internal community and strengthen their ties to the external community. Readers of Small Giants will find ideas and inspiration among the executives and employees at all levels that are surveyed in this book. We highly recommend it.

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Winning Workplaces: What We're Reading, Featured Review
While relatively small and privately held, the organizations Burlingham chronicles could not be more different in their industries, organization, operating principles and people practices.

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CustomersAreAlways: Bo Burlingham Archives
Becoming a Small Giant in a Giant World
March 19, 2006 by Maria Palma
Are you a small giant? Many entrepreneurs dream of making it big, hoping that one day the whole world will know who they are. However, if that's the only objective you have, you may not get very far.

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Harvard Business School: Working Knowledge, Book Report
March 27, 2006 by Sarah Jane Gilbert
Who would believe that the key to entrepreneurial success is not to focus on profits and growth?

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Voice America Interview with Bo Burlingham
Bo Burlingham: Maverick Companies Focused on Greatness
The Gary Null Show, January 12, 2006, Voice America Channel

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ReNew Group: Podcast Interview
Succession Planning, Culture and Growth for the Middle Market
ReNew Group CEO Shannon Vincent talks with well known Inc Magazine editor and author of Small Giants, Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big, Bo Burlingham and partner in the regional accounting firm Tidwell Dewitt, LLC, Kenneth C. Dewitt, CPA, CFP (R).

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ReNew Group: Article
Growth Your Focus? Learn the secrets of the “Small Giants”
By Kenneth C. DeWitt CPA CFP®, Renew Group
Small Giants have been around for a long time. But until now, they have not been celebrated and studied. Perhaps now because of this, how to become one will become clearer, allowing more of us to make this choice
if we wish it.

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Adotas: What Speed Does to Creatives
Bryan Boettger talks with Bo Burlingham

To Burlingham I posed the question: Why do you believe so many companies are afraid to break from the status quo when striving to achieve greatness when it is shown again and again that to achieve true success really takes anything BUT the status quo?

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800ceoread, Podcast Interview with Bo Burlingham, Todd S.
The lastest over on the Podcasts Blog is an interview I did with Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants. Go check it out. Our conversation went so long that I divided it into three parts. We talk about Inc. Magazine, companies he thinks are Small Giants, and mojo. I also have lots o' links to additonal interviews and articles on the book.

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Inside Branded Entertainment: A Conversation with Bo Burlingham
Drawing on 25 years of small business research (and a massive rolodex) Burlingham offers insights on branded entertainment, and how some companies are using it as a way to break through, without
breaking the bank.

Tom Peter's cool friend: Bo Burlingham
When a company has charisma, people want to be associated with it. They want to buy from it. They want to sell to it. They want to work for it. That's what these companies had, that kind of corporate charisma.

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Zingerman's Deli
Making Something Special?
Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman's Community of Businesses recently wrote up some thoughts on the occasion of Zingerman's 24th year in business, and they were inspired in part by Small Giants. "Making Something Special" appears in its entirety in the Blog.

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For Impact Friend
: Bo Burlingham
March 02, 2006 by Tom Suddes
I had the chance to spend some time with Bo on the phone yesterday. You will soon be able to hear our interview as part of our upcoming podcasting series

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Steve Goddard's HistoryWire: Book Alert
January 13, 2006 by Steve Goddard
...the author draws on the experience of 14 companies of various sizes, all of which have remained in private hands over the years. But their commonality is that all had the opportunity to go public or to make a major expansion and decided against it.


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