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USA TODAY, October 25, 2006
To grow or not to grow? Some companies decide to stay put

by Edward Iwata
At some point between youth and adulthood, many small profitable companies face a dilemma: Should they keep growing or stay
the same size?
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The Miami Herald, Monday, Feb. 27, 2006
Is company growth always the best strategy? by Richard Prachter
A CEO's goal, generally, is to ''grow the company,'' but is growth desirable? Author Bo Burlingham asks a tough question and comes up with several answers. The companies he profiles in his new book are, for the most part, run by gifted executives who made a deliberate decision to maintain a set of core values that would guide them.
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The San Francisco Chronicle, Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Big not necessarily better when it comes to business
[Bo Burlingham] sat down with Chronicle staff writer Ilana DeBare recently to talk about his book, the pressures on businesses to grow more than is good for them, and why the Bay Area seems to have more than its fair share of 'small giants.'
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The Washington Post, Sunday, February 19, 2006
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Two new books provide a powerful antidote to Wall Street's poisonous fixation with gigantism and growth. In Small Giants (Portfolio), longtime Inc. magazine editor Bo Burlingham's done for private companies what Jim Collins did for public companies in Good to Great. Some of the companies he writes about are small, others large, but all exhibit the same kind of passion and enlightened management styles that engender incredible loyalty from customers, employees and the communities in which they operate. And yes, they also make good profits.
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Inc. Magazine's February Issue:
Small Is the New Big by Bo Burlingham

Jay Goltz couldn't imagine doing anything except pushing--for more growth, more businesses, more money. And then he realized: He was miserable. Goltz changed his approach, and the Goltz Group is now a classic Small Giant, a company that chooses to be great instead of big.
Inc. Magazine

The New York Times, February 11, 2006
Want to Rally the Troops? Try Candor

by Joseph Nocera

Mr. Burlingham believes that the entrepreneurs who run the companies he profiles — CitiStorage in New York, Anchor Brewing in San Francisco and 12 others — have a set of values that go well beyond making a profit.
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Advertising Age: Size Matters
Inc. holds party to celebrate the publication of "Small Giants: Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big," written by Inc. Editor at Large Bo Burlingham. (From left) John Tebeau, national ad director, Inc.; Jay Goltz, CEO the Goltz Group; M Burlingham.
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